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Nov.2nd, 2016, General Manager Mr.Chen Gang meet the delegation of Chamber of Commerce and...

Dec.18th, 2015, General Director Mr.Chen greeted by the Chinese ambassador to Romania Mr.Xu Hongfei...

Dec.12th, 2015, General Director Mr. Chen visited Harghita province of Romania...

Dec.11th, 2015, General Director Mr.Chen visited the local court of the city...

On Mar 28th, 2014, General Director Chen Gang together with three commercial staffs and two...

Feb. 7th, 2014, Diplomatic Envy Ambassador's Special Guests From Albania and Algeria visited our company

Jan.16th,2011,Delegation from AGNA GROUP/HYDROBORSH visit CHENG HSIUNG

Jan.8th,2011.Congratulations for the establishment of CHENG HSIUNG's strategic production basement.

Oct. 1st,2010. General Director Gang, met the visiting Albanian President Ba Mier ? Topi. at Hotel of Shanghai.

Sep.16th Contract Signing on Ostreni I Vogel HPP 1x320KW.

Sep. 10 th ,2010, Minister Frederick O. Gumo and his delegation from Ministry of Regional Development of Kenya visited ChengHsiung International Corporation.

Sep.1st,2010, Corporation Agreement signing on 5 HPPs with total capacity of 30MW.

Aug. 25th,2010, President Mr.Chen met Mr.Durim Kraja, the Secretary General of Republic of Albania Ministry of Economy, Trade and Energy.

Aug.24th,2010, HEC QAFZES 1x500KW Contract signing.

Jun. 15, 2010, President Chen Gang signed Agreement for 300MW wind power project with Mr. Gumo, Minister of MORDA, Kenya in Nairobi.

Jun. 14, 2010, President Chen Gang visited Ngong wind power project site with MORDA officers, Ngong town, Nairobi, Kenya.

May.2nd,2010, President Chen Gang was granted an interview for energy project by Kenya President Hon. Kibaki in Shanghai.

May.2nd,2010, President Chen Gang had a meeting with Hon. Gumo, Minister of Kenya MORDA, discussing for energy projects in Kenya.

Dec. 3rd, 2009, Albania Dishnica and Lubonja HPP contract signing

Oct.17,2009, President Chen Gang had a cordial and friendly meeting with Minister of Economy, Republic of Macedonia

Oct.14,2009, President Chen Gang visited Ministry of Energy and Mining, Republic of Kosovo, had a group photo taken to mark the occasion with Minister

Singing of MOU of Kenyan Hydroelectric Power Projects in August, 2009

Warmly congratulated on April 30, 2009 for passing ISO9001 certification

Sep.16th,2008,Albanian Stravaj HPP Contract Signing Ceremony

Mar.10 th , 2008, Albania Egnatia HPP contract signning

Mar.5 th ,2008, Engineers of Albania Stranik HPP come to factory for inspection

Feb.15 th ,2008, Ower of Albanian Egnatia HPP come to our factory

Jan.10 th , 2008,Gereral Manager Mr.Chen Gang Visit Albania

Sep.9 th ,2007, Macedonian clients visit our factory

Aug.1 th , 2007,Stranik1# HPP Technical meeting

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