Project of LPG 4000 m3 sea coast storage station
The project is conducted under the requirements of Albania, “INTER-GAZ” sh.a, including detailed engineering, procurement and construction services,
1)Engineering Design Work Scope
CHENG HSIUNG is responsible for all the design works for all facilities including Spherical tanks farm, LPG spherical tanks,Truck loading station, LPG compressor etc.
2) Work Scope of Procurement
CHENG HSIUNG is responsible for procurement work of spherical tanks material, standard equipment, piping material, electrical equipment & material, instrument equipment & material, fire-fighting equipment & material, water supply and drainage equipment & material, excluding civil works material and greening material, etc..
3) Work scope of Construction
CHENG HSIUNG dispatched experienced and qualified construction management team and technical workers, who are responsible for field construction work organization and assignment, construction/installlation instruction, construction/installation safety control, quality control, schedule control and cost control.

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