Solar Projects

Ability of engineering R&D

Up to now, CHENG HSIUNG has already consigned a lot of complete sets of engineering projects to customers in Balkan area of Europe, for example, 4000M3 LPG storage station, 220kV/110kV/35kV substation, Crushed-stone line with capacity 100M3 /day, Steel color tile production line with capacity 420ton per month and Water purify production line with capacity 12000 bottles per hour.

In the clean energy field, CHENG HSIUNG has successfully signed and contracted several hydro power project under EPC and PDB conditions, at present, one of SHPP with capacity 2กม2.3MW is on the step of installation and commission, also 2กม3.0MW HPP, 2กม1.8MW HPP, 1กม1.8MW HPP, 2กม0.60MW HPP have already started.

We successfully signed MOU with the Government of Kenya about to construct Bubisa wind power project which total capacity is 300MW, the first development step is 100MW. At same time, we have investigated and surveyed several wind power projects, such as 75MW in Slovenia , 100MW in Kosovo, 30MW in Serbia , these project have entered preliminary design stage.


Engineering Projects



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