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  CHENG HSIUNG INTERNATIONAL CORPORATION (hereinafter called CHENG HSIUNG) is one of Export-oriented Corporation mainly in contracting international engineering projects, exporting complete set of plant and equipments. CHENG HSIUNG has been devoting on developing continue-ably in the field of electrical power, energy, especially the engineering plants of clean energy since established for nearly ten years.
  CHENG HSIUNG has kept long and steady trade partner relation with Europe, Africa, Middle Eastern and Arabian zone in sets of complete equipments cover power generation, transmission & transformation, light industry, metallurgy, mineral, steel, chemical industry, transportation & road, textiles, garments and so on, meanwhile, keeps good achievement on sales of common mechanical and electrical products, such as: engineering machine, agricultural machine, light industry machine and equipments of generating.
  CHENG HSIUNG INTERNATIONAL has formed a professional team of young, versatile and vigorous members, the stable conviction and the spirit of overcoming difficulty guarantees the well performance of all kinds of business affairs.
  Guided by the rule that customers are Gods; quality is life, with constant innovation and pushfull spirit, CHENG HSIUNG aspires developing into one of outstanding corporation and internationalization in the field of clean energy.