Off-grid/On-grid System for Family Application

Parameter 3Kw 5Kw 8Kw 10Kw 12Kw Remark
Efficiency/% 95.0 95.0 95.0 95.0 95.0 Currently,we combine this off-grid system with some elements to make it more efficient,such as grid current importation when the battery runs out,etc. Also Qty. Of PV Modules will be determined by user¡¯s need.
generating capacity per day£¨5hs/d£© 14.25KWH 23.75KWH 38.00KWH 47.50KWH 57.00KWH
PV modules 200w-250w 200w-250w 200w-250w 200w-250w 200w-250w
Integrated PV device 3Kw 220v/50HZ 5Kw 220v/50HZ 8Kw 220v/50HZ 10Kw 220v/50HZ 12Kw 220v/50HZ
Holder Custom made/installed according to roof conditions
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